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In other news I have so little regard for our couch that I am willing to sit on it for hours in most sweaty post gym state. I don’t even sit on my bed before taking a shower. But I’ll sit on this couch for a good half hour.

daily diary.

Today a fuckboy told me that he wouldn’t consider dating me because I’m a feminist. I have several reactions.

1. I’m not looking.
2. If you have a problem with me being a feminist, and I were looking (which again, I am not), I would stop immediately looking at you.
3. Don’t flatter yourself into thinking that I’m willing to give up standing up for my rights and the rights of women worldwide and calling out shitstreet behavior just to get that finger potato of a dick of yours. 

thanks for making my mind up for me. feminism. misogyny. daily diary.


Stop telling people the benefits of vitamin c everyone knows it’s good, you sound like my aunt on a health kick. 

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Sometimes when I’m embarrassed about something when I’m by myself, I hide my face in my shirt


just came to the conclusion that i’m the kind of person that would probably weep on her wedding day bc it was so stressful